WAALWIJK, Netherlands — Royal DSM is partnering with GIGA, Toxnot and Chenyang Paint to advocate ingredient transparency in the construction industry. The collaboration will improve chemical ingredients transparency by fully digitizing its sustainable plant-based resin Decovery®. The collaboration creates example of full product data integration, which makes product ingredients transparent to the entire value chain and facilitates the choice of greener alternatives for market players. Through this collaboration, DSM has become the first coatings resins supplier to enable ingredient transparency in the construction industry. This ensures accountability for the ambitious sustainability targets DSM has set for its coatings and resins business.

DSM will use Toxnot’s data management and assessment platform to document the ingredients of Decovery and make it publicly accessible. This information then flows from Toxnot over to ORIGIN — the world’s largest hub of publicly available data on building materials — where it is combined with other critical data, such as chemical off-gassing reports, carbon footprint information, product pictures, colors, and dimensions. This entire package of information is then made available to architects, interior designers and the general public via best-practice platforms such as mindful MATERIALS and selection software such as MATTER. This information is critical for helping project teams specify the products that best suit their needs, while minimizing risk of liability.

“We believe that for all future product selection, the evaluation of material ingredients will be the key,” said Sjoerd Dijkstra, Sustainability Marketing Manager at DSM Coating Resins. “As we see a growing demand for sustainable resins solutions, we aim to make it easy for our customers to obtain and disclose this information and for all stakeholders in the value chain to find and use sustainable ingredients more easily than before.”

Pete Girard, CEO of Toxnot said, “Compounds like the resins that get mixed into paints are typically invisible to end users. DSM is changing that with Decovery, making visible the core of what goes into paints and coatings.”

“The chemicals industry has been slow to respond to demand for healthy alternatives, largely due to the complexity of the issues at hand,” added Ryan Dick, COO of GIGA. “DSM leads the market by ensuring that the basic chemicals used are of low-to-no health concern and stay that way.”

DSM’s partner Chenyang Paint, a pioneer of environmentally friendly coating solutions, will also disclose the ingredient of plant-based paint solutions based on DSM’s Decovery SP-8407.