LUXEMBOURG - Flint Group Flexographic Products and the Shanghai Publishing and Printing College signed a general cooperation agreement that will promote education, consulting, research, development, technology and career guidance in the Chinese printing and packaging industry. 

Founded in 1953, the Shanghai Publishing and Printing College was the first educational institution linked to the publishing and printing industry in China. “With a well-organized and highly competent team of teachers, the college has established the top-ranking training facilities and key laboratories of GAPP-National Engineering Research Centre of Digital Printing and Modern Communication Science Centre,” explained Teng Vueming, Executive Vice President Shanghai Publishing and Printing College. “The partnership with Flint Group is poised to become a win-win alliance.” 

A technology leader in many areas, with more than 170 sites worldwide and a highly experienced team, Flint Group is well positioned to respond effectively to customer needs with tailor-made solutions. 

Both partners will support the Chinese flexographic industry in the long term by providing specific education to talented students and offering them possibilities for practical training in research and application. “The Chinese printing market is extremely vast and important, but flexography is still a minor part of this industry,” said Mario Busshoff, President, Flint Group Flexographic Products. “Our cooperation will help to develop talent and to promote the flexographic industry on the short and long term.”