CHARLOTTE, NC — KRÜSS is hosting a three-day joint workshop titled “Make it stick!” on April 7-9, 2020. The workshop features morning and afternoon sessions in partnership with Dr. Kash Mittal, Adapt Laser, Cold Jet, Enercon and Tantec. With a small class size of 40 participants, everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to go beyond the surface and learn how to operate the tools and software that are used to analyze and optimize surfaces for improved adhesion. Morning education sessions will be held at Whitehead Manor Conference Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lunch will be served at Whitehead Manor daily. After lunch, KRÜSS will provide transportation for the quick eight-minute trip to its Matthews, North Carolina, office for the afternoon workshops. There, participants will take what they learned from the morning, roll up their sleeves and get to work in a fully supported, hands-on workshop setting to really make it stick.

The workshop is suitable for technologists, analysts, scientists and other hands-on users of surface analysis and preparation technologies in the automotive, aerospace, defense, paint and coatings, composite, and plastics industries.

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