Micro Powders Inc., in collaboration with Garmor Inc., is launching GraphShield 730, a next-generation anticorrosion additive for powder coating applications. GraphShield 730 uses Micro Powders’ wax composite technology to deliver a high loading of Garmor’s unique edge functionalized graphene product, enabling the delivery of an advanced nanomaterial into coating formulations safely and effectively without any changes needed in the customer’s production process. Graphene imbues the final coating with significantly enhanced corrosion resistance on both bare and treated cold-rolled steel, with up to 50% reduction in corrosive creep.

Micro Powders employed its expertise in nanocomposite particle technology to engineer a new delivery system by which Garmor’s edge functionalized graphene can be readily dispersed into paint and coating systems. GraphShield conveniently bypasses three major challenges facing the commercial use of grapheme: dispersability, cost and powder handling. By solving these challenges, GraphShield is the first high-volume coating additive containing graphene and represents a major milestone in the industrial scale use of the nanomaterial.

“GraphShield is an innovative addition to our growing portfolio of nanocomposite additive powders,” said Rich Czarnecki, Director of Business and Technology Development at Micro Powders. “By combining our expertise in particle design with Garmor’s unique graphene technology, we created a material that delivers the benefits of graphene without all the handling and safety issues associated with nanomaterials.”

“Corrosion is responsible for trillions of dollars of damage and lost productivity every year,” said Jeff Bullington, CTO at Garmor Inc. “Garmor is delighted at the opportunity to partner with the expert team at Micro Powders to tackle this substantial global problem. Our graphene has demonstrated the ability to significantly extend the operational lifespan of metal coatings. Combined with Micro Powders specialty wax expertise and their well-developed distribution network, we have a fantastic delivery mechanism for our graphene with the broadest reach we could hope for.”

Kevin Biller, President of The Powder Coating Research Group Inc., added, “The PCR Group conducted a thorough evaluation of the use of GraphShield 730 in powder coatings. Our laboratory found that this product provides superior corrosion resistance in the formulations tested. It looks like Micro Powders has developed another game changer for powder coating technology.”

For more information about GraphShield, visit MPI-GraphShield.com.