UV lights are highly effective in eliminating the COVID-19 coronavirus. Exposing the virus and other bacteria or mold to UVC light in the 200nm - 280nm range kills the harmful microorganisms at the DNA level. This tried-and-tested solution has been successful in previous outbreaks, capable of killing SARS and MERS as well as e. coli, influenza and staphylococcus. UVC light sanitizes work areas without needing to come in contact with the surface or object.

Larson Electronics offers a complete selection of UV disinfection lights to combat COVID-19 corona virus. These products range from handheld, battery-powered UVC lights and UV desktop lamps to portable UV disinfection carts:

Portable UV Sanitation Carts

IND-UC-48-4L-UVC-50C: Four-lamp UVC disinfection cart with wheels for mobility; designed for 800 sq. ft. Recommended for large rooms and facilities. Comes with 50’ SOOW cord and cord cap for connection to 120-277V power. A two-lamp version of this lighting system is also available (IND-CD-48-2L-UVC-50C).


UV Handlamps

IND-HL-UVC-FL26-50: Handheld UVC sanitation light for up close sanitation of surfaces, hard-to-reach sections of rooms and machines. Protected by a lamp guard and features a hook for hands-free application or storage. Available in 120V or 220V. A larger version of this handlamp is also available (IND-HL-UVC-FL1524-50).


Rechargeable UV Handlamp

IND-RL-UVC-13W: Recommended for quick, on-the-go sanitation. This battery-powered UV light is compact and can be used to disinfect remote locations, temporary sites, vehicles and more. Wall charger included.


Table Top UV Light (Disinfection Areas)

IND-TBL-GN-UVC-9W-120V: Great for setting up a designated sanitation area on desks, tables, work stations and more. Leave your personal device, such as phones, keys, access cards and laptops on the surface (with the UV light shining on the object) for disinfection. This UV lamp has an adjustable neck for direct beam placement over the area.

*UVC lights can kill up to 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 coronavirus!

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