COLUMBUS, OH – Graphene nanotube manufacturer OCSiAl announced the launch of its second synthesis facility for graphene nanotubes with a production capacity of 50 tonnes per year. The Graphetron 50 facility is currently the world’s largest plant for graphene nanotube production. The launch of the new facility has consolidated OCSiAl’s position in the global market. According to the company, OCSiAl now accounts for more than 90% of global graphene nanotube production capacity.

OCSiAl synthesized the first industrial-scale batch of graphene nanotubes – 1.2 tonnes – in 2015. The total combined annual capacity of the two OCSiAl production units has now reached 75 tonnes of nanotubes, which are marketed under the TUBALL brand name. OCSiAl indicated that this is just the beginning of its production expansion to address the rapidly growing market demand for graphene nanotubes.

In 2017, OCSiAl signed a memorandum of understanding to construct a graphene nanotube factory in Luxembourg. The commissioning of the first production line with an annual capacity of up to 100 tonnes per year is scheduled for 2023.

To provide even better technical support for its customers in regions with a strong OCSiAl presence, the company has launched its two TUBALL Centers in Russia and China. These centers also focus on developing new nanotechnology breakthroughs. For its European customers, OCSiAl will launch a third TUBALL Center in Luxembourg in 2020.

OCSiAl continues to develop nanotube technologies and to optimize their price to make them cost-effective for a wide range of industries. The company also shares its technological know-how and encourages the production of nanotube concentrates by its partners around the world. Three plants producing TUBALL-based concentrates and suspensions have already been launched in China and Japan, and one more will soon be opened in Brazil.