In just 10 days, Northamptonshire-based chemical manufacturer Scott Bader has developed and brought to market a new thickener for alcohol-based hand cleansers. By acting so quickly to develop Texicryl® 13-321, manufacturers will be able to produce more hand cleansers to fight against the global spread of infections and viruses including COVID-19.

Group Product Manager, Mark Stanion says, “In less than a month, we have taken a concept from lab to full scale production. We are pleased that we have been able to use our expertise to develop a product that is in short supply and will have a significant impact on the provision of hand cleansers.”

Thanks to the amazing joint efforts of Scott Bader colleagues from across the business, particularly our operations and pilot plant teams for making material available at such short notice, the first delivery of Texicryl® 13-321 reached its customer this week!

More information on Texicryl® 13-321 can be found on the Scott Bader website