AkzoNobel is launching a water-based paint designed to usher in the next evolution in metal protection.

Hammerite Ultima is suitable for use on all types of metal and provides an excellent protective barrier. It can also be applied directly onto any metal surface – as well as rust – without the need for a primer.

The product’s key innovation lies in its quick-drying formulation, which was developed as part of AkzoNobel’s Waterway initiative – a multi-year strategic program designed to lead the decorative paints market towards using more water-based product ranges.

“Reducing the impact our products have on the environment is a fundamental part of our ‘People. Planet. Paint.’ approach to sustainability,” explained AkzoNobel COO Ruud Joosten. “Hammerite Ultima is a great example of how our product innovation is leading an exciting transformation of the paints and coatings industry.”

Luc Rens, the company’s Global Marketing Manager for wood and metal coatings within the Decorative Paints business, added, “Consumers want the best protection for any metal, whatever they are working on, and Hammerite Ultima is the best solution.

 “In many cases, our customers don’t know exactly what type of metal they’re dealing with, which can create confusion. With Hammerite Ultima, consumers will always have the right answer, providing peace of mind and reassurance that they will have their metal protected for a long time.”

Suitable for anything from gates and fences to railings and garden furniture, the new product is now available in Germany, Spain and France. It is scheduled to be launched onto other markets in due course.

For more information, watch this short video.