Business leaders globally are in uncharted waters as together we face the challenges surrounding the recent pandemic and resulting economic impact. Insight into how others are reacting, overcoming current challenges, and planning for tomorrow can provide us with not only comfort, but a shared community of learning and preparation. To better gauge how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting business and industry, Paint & Coatings Industry (PCI) magazine’s publishing company, BNP Media, is conducting a weekly survey of readers across all of its brands through its Clear Seas Research division.

Following are some of the first weekly results from our Manufacturing Group, which includes readers from PCI and 12 other BNP Media brands involved in manufacturing. We hope that you will find this information interesting and helpful as you navigate your way through this unprecedented time. PCI will share new results as they come in each week.The full results of this survey are available at no charge.


The percentage of people who indicated a level of concern from 8-10 (on a scale from 1-10) with the following: 

· Current economy: 69%

· Achieving business goals over next three months: 60%

· Achieving business goals over next six months: 56%

· Supply chain interruptions: 55%

· Business stability for next 12 months: 54%

· Friends/family becoming infected by COVID-19: 53%

· Employees not showing up for work: 38%

· Skilled labor shortages: 36%

· Becoming personally infected by COVID-19: 32%

· IT cybersecurity with remote employees: 25%


The percentage of active business that is on schedule, delayed or cancelled:

· On schedule: 67%

· Delayed: 26%

· Cancelled: 7%


The percentage of planned business that is on schedule, delayed or cancelled:

· On schedule: 63%

· Delayed: 31%

· Cancelled: 6%


Anticipated Workforce Changes in Next 3 Months

Lay off all employees – 1%

Lay off some employees – 24%

Temporarily suspend employees with pay – 22%

Temporarily suspend employees without pay – 21%

Rehire previously suspended/laid off employees – 13%

Hire new employees – 11%

No change – 33%

Don’t know – 17%


Currently Communicating with Customers Via…

Phone calls – 72%

Email marketing – 56%

Business website updates – 32%

Social media – 26%

Posted signage 7%

Advertising – 4%

Email communications* 4%

Video chat/online software* - 2%

Mailers – 1%

Webinars* - 1%

No change in communication/business as usual – 18%

*Code created from write-in response