ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands – Specialty chemicals distributor IMCD N.V. has increased its footprint in the Middle East by opening a new location in Dubai. From the new office, IMCD will be coordinating operations in the Gulf region, extending its services to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman as well as Jordan. IMCD first entered the Middle East region by opening an office in Cairo, Egypt, in 2018.

“The Middle East has always been an attractive market for IMCD and we are excited to expand our presence in this region. Throughout our operations around the globe, IMCD’s main focus has been to help our suppliers grow their business and to provide our customers the technical advice and formulatory support they need to create market-leading and innovative products. Our principals in the Middle East needed a partner with these capabilities, and from this new office in Dubai, we will be able to provide them, as well as our customers, solutions that help them innovate and grow,” said Frank Schneider, Business Group Director Coatings & Construction and Executive Committee Member of IMCD.

IMCD will serve all business groups with a focus on pharmaceuticals, coatings and construction, food and nutrition, and advanced materials.

“This region has an extraordinary growth potential for IMCD. Besides strengthening our market position in the Middle East, we will continue to develop our product know-how and invest in expanding our technical expertise,” said Schneider.

IMCD has appointed Manuel Baumann as Managing Director for the Middle East region to support and drive the region’s growth strategy. Baumann has extensive experience in the Middle East and South Asia.