The Titan Impact® 1640 electric airless sprayer delivers the power of a gas sprayer with the convenience of an electric outlet and is capable of spraying heavy-bodied abrasive coatings and smooth texture applications, such as level 5 finishes, knockdown, texture and high-build coatings.

Driven by a powerful electric motor, the Impact 1640 features a typical L6-30 electric plug and requires a 240-volt outlet, commonly found in spider boxes at commercial job sites, temporary power poles at residential constructions sites, generators, and welder outlets.

The Impact 1640 will support up to four guns, making quick work of big jobs. It will spray up to 1.5 gallons per minute – nearly 25% more output than Titan’s Impact 1140 electric sprayer powered by 120-volt outlet.

The Impact 1640’s fluid section features an efficient siphoning system with a submerged foot valve for handling heavy bodied coatings with ease. Ceramic balls and carbide seats are resistant to abrasive coatings, and the PermaLife™ Cylinder never wears and never needs replacing. It also has Titan’s self-adjusting and self-compensating Quad+ Packings™, proven to extend the life of the fluid section and deliver the best performance on every job.

The Impact 1640 features electronic pressure control that provides consistent pressure and eliminates issues with deadband. The unit is also easily field-serviceable, and the fluid section can be changed out in minutes. 

The convenient EZ-Tilt Cart allows for quick and easy pail changes and cleaning. It has a telescoping handle, and the unit will tilt back and move easily using just one hand. It is outfitted with a hose-wrap that holds up to 150 feet of airless hose, and two extra-large 12-inch pneumatic tires that increase portability and make travel over rough surfaces easier.

The Impact 1640 comes standard with a Titan RX-APEX™ gun, TR1 517 tip and 50-foot hose. It is backed by Titan’s WearGuard four-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, the brushless high efficiency motor is also covered by Titan’s Lifetime DuraLife™ warranty.

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