EWING, NJ — Pflaumer Brothers Inc. announced that its Teraspartic® range of polyaspartic amines has been fully REACH registered. This step coincides with the incorporation of the new legal company, Pflaumer Brothers GmbH, which will act as the importer and manufacturer in the supply chain. This milestone has been achieved within a partnership between Pflaumer Brothers Inc. and Arpadis Benelux N.V., which began at The European Coatings Show in 2019.

Harley McNair, CEO of Pflaumer Brothers Inc., sees this as a platform to augment the adoption of the polyaspartic amine technology throughout Europe. “We have spent the last decade developing the sales of the Teraspartic products in the North American market and feel that the time has come to expand sales across the globe. The European market was one of the early adopters of this technology, and we want to be a major player in the region. We identified Arpadis Benelux N.V. as an European-based organization with the ability to navigate through the maze of REACH registration, combined with the market knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to grow and develop the Teraspartic business within the European market.”

Arpadis Benelux N.V. has been appointed the official distributor for the Teraspartic range. The distribution agreement covers the sales and promotion of this product range within Europe and the Middle East.

Polyaspartic amines are sterically hindered, secondary aliphatic diamines and co-reactants for polyisocyanates, suitable for the formulation of high-solids, two component polyurea topcoats and solvent free coatings. The advantages of the polyaspartic amines include, fast cure, high film build, ultra-high solids to zero VOC, fast drying times, and excellent UV stability. Typical applications include direct-to-metal coatings for agricultural and construction machinery, top coats for wind turbine rotor blades, and floor coatings.

Founded 86 years ago, Pflaumer Brothers Inc. is a North American-based manufacturer of specialty chemicals based on proprietary technology for coatings, inks, plastics, metalworking fluids and lubricants. The company is the leader in offering polyaspartic amines in North America along with specially designed lines of colorants, functional additives, reactive diluents, and non-reactive diluents. Unique aliphatic trimer isocyanates are marketed especially for polyaspartic coatings to supplement its complete line of aliphatic isocyanates. 

In business since 1999, Arpadis Benelux N.V. is a leading European chemicals distribution company with specific products for the coatings industry.