MORRISVILLE, PA – Gelest Inc., a leading innovator in materials science, has integrated the company’s website with its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to improve its customers’ website experience.

The integration significantly broadens existing online ordering capabilities including inventory availability, a secure credit card payment option, viewable order history, faster order processing, easier access to frequently purchased items and more. These enhancements span Gelest’s entire research product portfolio of silanes, silicones and metal organics.

Another benefit of the enhanced website e-commerce functionality is access and visibility to new products as they are developed. “New product development is the core of Gelest’s open innovation model. We develop hundreds of new and unique products every year to help enable our customers’ technology,” said Dr. Jonathan Goff, Vice President of Research and Development of Gelest. “This enhancement to our website will allow Gelest to introduce these new products to the world as they are developed.

“Customers will be able to gain access to these products as soon as they are available, eliminating the time-consuming manual uploads of the past. New product information on the website will now be instantaneous.”