MIDDLEBOROUGH, MA – AMETEK Brookfield, part of AMETEK’s Instrumentation & Specialty Controls Division, announced the launch of its new Europe e-commerce website. European customers are now able to purchase Brookfield instruments, accessories, parts and more at their convenience.

"Our new Europe e-commerce website provides customers with a fast, convenient and easy platform to purchase our most popular instruments and accessories,” said Joe Plante, Brookfield’s Vice President and General Manager. “This site builds off the incredible success of our U.S. counterpart, and we are very excited to offer this new service to our European customers.”

Brookfield's flagship e-commerce website, serving U.S. customers, launched in October last year. Since then, hundreds of new Brookfield products have become available to new customers seeking instruments online, as well as existing customers in need of replacement parts and accessories to expand their instruments' capabilities. Brookfield instruments analyze quality characteristics for a variety of materials across many industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and cosmetics.

To shop Brookfield's Europe e-commerce website, visit https://store.brookfieldengineering.eu/.