OLDENBURG, Germany – The Coating Additives Business Line of Evonik is partnering with chembid, a search engine and market intelligence platform which now offers access to COATINO, the digital assistant from Evonik Coating Additives. With this cooperation, chembid and Evonik want to simplify the processes from the production to the sale of coating products for their customers.

Evonik launched COATINO at the end of June. The digital assistant supports its users with technical expertise and information about suitable additives and formulations. Evonik developed the unique digital assistant specifically for the coatings industry. COATINO is designed to help experts from the paints, coatings and inks sectors to save time and money in product research and development. Depending on the desired product properties and application, COATINO provides paint and coatings manufacturers with suitable additive solutions.

Chembid facilitates the purchase and sale of these special products based on market insights and product and supplier information. The SaaS platform provides access to global market data via the chembid search engine and an interactive dashboard. Market insights, such as current product demand, price developments, potential new customers and in-depth product information, simplifies and accelerates business decisions. This market information also represents genuine added value for manufacturers and buyers of coating products.

"The coating industry is of enormous importance for us. The demand for raw materials and additives used to produce paints and coatings is high. We are very pleased that the cooperation with Evonik Coating Additives will enable us to further strengthen our position in the coatings sector and, with the help of our data-driven services, make business decisions easier for companies of the coating industry," explained Christian Bürger, Managing Director of chembid.

Among other things, the platform partnership is intended to enable interested users from the coatings and additives sector to access the digital assistant via the chembid platform and vice versa. COATINO users will get easier access to commercial product offers, suppliers and market data with the help of information provided by chembid. Partial mutual integration of the platforms and the combination of technical and commercial information will create synergies for the users of both systems and better user experience.