OLDENBURG, Germany – The metasearch engine chembid is expanding its services with a new membership package, called chembid PRO Supplier, which is a specific service for suppliers, distributors and manufacturers of chemicals and plastics. PRO Suppliers will benefit from various services that will support their digital chemicals business. Christian Bürger, Managing Director of chembid, explained the PRO Supplier approach, "In today's age, digital presence is a prerequisite for long-term success. Differentiation from the competition is also extremely important in this respect. With the PRO Supplier service, we enable suppliers to create greater trust in their target groups, to draw the attention of chemical buyers to their company and to acquire new customers even faster." He also stated, "Data analytics is also becoming increasingly important in all industries. As a metasearch engine, chembid generates a high amount of information, which in turn provides significant product and market insights for companies in the chemical industry."

The PRO Supplier membership includes various coordinated premium services. Users of this service are reviewed by chembid and marked as verified suppliers. This verification is intended to help platform users to identify trusted suppliers quickly and easily. An individualized company profile is also part of the membership. PRO suppliers will gain market insights through product and market reports. Highly relevant information on potential new customers, based on relevant product searches on chembid.com, will also be provided. Analyses, such as buyer search behavior by product, country or industry, generate valuable insights that can be used to optimize sales and marketing activities and open up new markets. With analyses of the extensive product data inventory, e.g. alternative products and synonyms, chembid also supports its customers in optimizing and targeting their own digital marketing campaigns. With the help of chembid Product Ads, another component of the overall package, suppliers can also increase the visibility of selected product offers on chembid.com. Also, the included Sponsored Content Package offers the possibility to be part of the chembid partner section and to use the reach of chembid’s social media channels and blog for advertising purposes.

Visit www.chembid.com/pro-supplier for more information.