OLDENBURG, Germany — Since the launch of the platform, chembid has specialized in collecting and analyzing industry-specific data and making it available to its users in an intelligent way. With the new service, the search engine and market intelligence platform for chemicals focuses even more strongly on market insights and product data. From now on, chembid will not only facilitate the purchase and sale of chemicals via the search engine but will also offer its users a data-driven dashboard for sustainable and intelligent chemicals business. In the future, decision makers in purchasing, marketing and sales will be able to obtain all insights into the chemicals market in a single dashboard.

The user-friendly and intuitive dashboard provides exclusive insights for individually selected products with just a few clicks. Six modules are available for the launch. Among other things, the current market demand on chembid.com, potential leads from all over the world, and price developments are displayed. The dashboard also provides comprehensive chemical information, such as synonyms, trade names and applications, as well as information on suppliers or competitors and news relevant to the chemical industry.

The core of the premium service is a complex data network, which the SaaS company has built up over the last few years. Countless data points are recorded every day and analyzed using specially developed, intelligent algorithms. Marc Riley, Chief Technology Officer of chembid, said, "We have created a unique opportunity to make the flood of digitally available information on the chemicals market accessible at a single point. The dashboard service enables buyers and suppliers of chemicals to observe market developments more easily and quickly. In this way, well-founded recommendations for action can be derived, and ultimately more efficient business decisions can be made.”

In direct comparison to other tools and platforms, the chembid service has a decisive advantage: all relevant information of global chemical markets, from current demand, to potential leads, and exclusive price and product information are made available via one platform. This will save companies the time-consuming research via different platforms or tools and the use of several information service providers for a fee. In the coming weeks and months, the market intelligence service will be continuously expanded with additional sources and new features.

Information on the dashboard service and individual features is available at www.chembid.com.