Applied Plastics Co., Inc. has begun offering a motor stator stacking service that is designed to maintain precise lamination alignment and apply a consistent thin blue epoxy coating for electrical insulation. According to the company, the service precisely holds lamination alignment to within ±0.0005” and includes deburring and the application of blue epoxy coating from 0.002” to 0.005” thick in one pass. The process is suitable for laminations from 3/8” to 8” O.D., and the finished parts can be wound tighter and their smoothness helps prevent wire cuts and shorts, the company reports. The service produces parts with electrical resistance up to 1,000 V/mil. Typical metal laminations, bobbins, and end caps can be made from Arnon 7 high carbon steel or Magnesil and the coatings offered include epoxy, PTFE Teflon®, Heresite® and nylon.

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