EAST LANSING, MI - Scops Coating Technologies, a manufacturer of omniphobic coatings and additives, announced an award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help fund its research and market its environmentally friendly product. This new funding increases NSF's non-dilutive investment in Scops Coating Technology to $280,000

“NSF’s validation of our technology and its belief in our ability to improve the product to serve the most demanding markets, positions the company to commercialize this technology into many applications and industries,” said Jerold Zwas, CEO of Scops.

Scops Coating Technologies coatings allow for self-cleaning, anti-fouling, anti-graffiti and friction reduction. Liquids will bead off the surface and carry dirt and dust away while also creating a surface where algae, mold and other fouling substances cannot stick. Ink, paint and permanent markers do not bind to the coating’s surface and can easily be wiped clean. Because most liquids easily slide off the coated surface, the energy required for moving products is greatly reduced and waste is minimized.

Along with the non-dilutive funding from NSF, Scops just completed the NSF ICORP. This intensive program uses experiential education to help researchers gain valuable insight into entrepreneurship and industry requirements and was created to help move academic research to market.

Scops Coating Technologies has also received funding from Red Cedar Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michigan State University Foundation, and works closely with Spartan Innovations and other parts of the MSU Innovation ecosystem.

“I am excited to work on a team that fully embraces the scientific methodology in all aspects of the business, from the technical development, to the business model development. I am also looking forward to taking full advantage of the unique collaboration between Spartan Innovations and Red Cedar Ventures, being able to pull on the unique strengths of each,” said Michelle Tokarz, EIR for Spartan Innovations and Technical Lead for Scops.

“Scops Coating Technologies is a great example of a strong startup team developing promising MSU-derived technology. The NSF Phase I award validates the opportunity for Scops Coating Technologies, and I look forward to supporting the team through continued engagement with Spartan Innovations,” said Dr. Brad Fingland, Director of Venture Creation at Spartan Innovations.

Spartan Innovations is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Michigan State University Foundation (MSUF). Its objective is to help drive MSU entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, create business plans and successfully launch highly technical businesses. Red Cedar Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MSUF. Founded in 2014, it is the first venture fund in Mid-Michigan.