Custom Milling & Consulting (CMC), Booth #25, continues to invest in new ways to better serve customers through innovation and expanded services. Over the last several years CMC has seen a growing demand for batch mills that offer a broader range in their batch sizes. This is why the company’s team of engineers has taken on the challenge of designing and engineering custom tanks to be used with the CMC batch mill. With the cone shaped tank design, the CMC batch mill is able to process large batches for those high-demand products, but easily switch over to those smaller specialty products you may have. The design not only gives more control to the customer with their batch sizes but can be cost efficient as well. Customers will have the ability to process more batches with one mill, reducing the amount of floor space needed and decrease the cost needed to for installing new processing systems.

CMC also looks for ways to better service customers through their toll processing services. The company recently installed a special clean room for customers who require minimal particle contamination in their production process. The class 100,000/ISO 8-certified clean room is open and fully operational for customers who require a clean environment for their formulations. This provides a clean, state-of-the-art environment to companies who may not have the ability to do R&D work in house. The room is equipped with CMC’s line of sanitary mills and mixers, so when you are ready to move on to full production, CMC will be able to help you replicate the same process in house. Or, the company can provide small batch production until you are ready to scale up your operation. With on-site analytical testing abilities, customers can take advantage of real-time results and tweak the process and formulation with minimal to no downtime.

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