Extreme heat and chemically resistant powder coating is used in applications where it is important the coating withstand extreme temperatures without discoloring, losing gloss, adhesion or cracking. Because it has greater durability than ceramic coating and has been tested in temperatures reaching 1200 °F./649 °C., removing chemical-resistant high-temperature powder coating can be challenging.

Solvent Kleene Inc. has made the removal of extreme-temperature chemically resistant powder coatings safe and economical. The extreme temperature powder-coating remover, which has been chemically grafted by Solvent Kleene Inc., removes powder coating from the surface of the substrate. This has been tested on both high-temperature powder coatings and extreme high-temperature powder coatings, removing both with ease; all that is necessary after immersion is a quick water rinse. It performs at low temperature of 110 °F., is non-flammable, contains no methylene chloride or peroxides. The high temperature powder coating is removed by immersion with agitation.

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