SOUTHFIELD, MI – Glasurit, the premium refinish paint brand of BASF, introduces its most advanced waterborne basecoat system – 100 Line. Focusing on a new standard of sustainability, process efficiency and highest product quality, the new line meets the most stringent requirements of modern body shops.

The innovative 100 Line helps customers become more competitive and increase net profits, improve their environmental footprint, and drive overall performance. Glasurit 100 Line is the first basecoat line on the market with a VOC value of 250 g/l, a 40% reduction from traditional waterborne basecoats, and far lower than any global VOC requirements. The new line will fit and expand Glasurit’s existing product portfolio, consisting of: 90 Line, 55 Line and 22 Line.

“Glasurit 100 Line is a game-changer for our customers. Not only does it offer them unprecedented quality and efficiency, but it has set a new sustainability standard with the lowest VOC values on the market. When you add this to its excellent color stability, robustness in application and its environmental attributes, 100 Line is the most innovative and sustainable paint system in the industry for getting more car jobs done,” said Fabien Boschetti, Director, Global Marketing, BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions.

“When comparing with existing basecoat lines in the market, customers can expect savings of up to 35% in overall process times through faster application and shorter flash-off cycles. Another 20% savings can be made as material consumption is reduced,” added Boschetti.

The Glasurit 100 Line consists of innovative pigment technology that ensures body shops are prepared for the current and future spectrum of brilliant colors in the automotive industry. 100 Line’s color stability is very robust and highly resistant to external influences. In addition, Glasurit leads with its digital color management solutions and takes the search for the right color to a new level with Glasurit’s spectrophotometer SmartSCAN. Customers can easily and quickly identify the precise colors and gain access to thousands of color formulas.

“Before starting with this project, my biggest concern was if we could maintain the excellent color accuracy as we have done with the 90 Line with 100 Line. Now, I know that this solution is even better. We worked only with the RatioScan 12/6 (SmartSCAN) and achieved same and new higher levels of color accuracy.  Plus, we save a lot of time in the process. I´ve never experienced something like this before,” said Antonio and Francisco Cañas from the body shop Talleres Cañas, Jaén, in Spain.

In addition to the innovative new waterborne basecoat line, Glasurit 100 Line customers also benefit from a web-based KPI reporting tool named Perform100 that provides all key figures at a glance, helping body shop managers to always have a clear overview of how their business is operating. Solve100, rounds out the total solution, with a premium concierge color matching support program.

The new basecoat line will be made available globally in the third quarter of 2020, starting in select countries.