CAMBRIDGE, UK — Cambridge-based graphene specialist Roark Industries announced the availability of its graphene-based coatings that have proven 100% effective in destroying COVID-19 membranes immediately upon contact. The coating is designed to be applied to high-traffic areas such as door handles, public transport and retail/hospitality locations. It can also be used within clinical settings.

CEO Mike Atkinson explained, “Upon contact with viral membranes, the sharp edges of our graphene sheets cause physical damage to said membranes, which kills them upon impact. In addition to this, a chemical reaction occurs on contact with the viral membranes, which causes oxidative stress and again terminates the ability of the viral membrane to live, grow or bind.”

“Graphene also has wonderful properties in that nothing can bind to it, and it is insoluble in anything other than a few solvents. This means that once our coating is deposited on a substrate such as a door handle, it will remain active and in situ until it is forcibly removed with a solvent. This ensures lasting protection up to 60 days, which is our current test point,” Atkinson said.

The coating is almost clear, fast drying and leaves no residue. It can be administered via direct spray bottle or via application using a powered spray system.

Roark Industries will be selling its coating at cost price for reasons explained by the company’s Commercial Director Andrew Ford. “Unlike some of our competitors, we do not believe that the pandemic should be a reason to profit. Likewise our focus is on the commercialization of graphene and therefore any product which contains graphene and makes it to the mass market will have positive effects for our industry,” said Ford.

Roark will only be selling directly to industry and commercial users so as to avoid a secondary market being created. All purchasing queries should be made via the website at