Oxiteno has developed new technologies that enable the formulation of low- and zero-VOC exterior paints with higher dirt pick-up resistance, improved film formation and reduced surfactant leaching from paints. Its new coalescing agent, ULTRAFILM® 5000, allows the formulation of paints with reduced VOCs without compromising dirt pick-up resistance while increasing water resistance and reducing pigment leaching. The OXIMULSION® 9000 series is used in the emulsification of alkyd resins for near zero VOC enamels and primers. Oxiteno is further expanding its portfolio in emulsifiers with the development of a new surfactant technology that will allow formulating latex to be used in waterborne paints with greater resistance to leaching. The solution will be launched to the market in 2021.

Oxiteno is continually investing in research and development of high-performance solutions that serve different coatings applications. These new technologies reinforce the company's expertise in the coatings industry and its commitment to being an ever-evolving solution provider. The investments in the United States reflect the company's long-term commitment to serve the market at a different level and scale, complementing its existing production bases in other important markets, such as Mexico and Brazil.

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