ANDOVER, MA – ICP Building Solutions Group (ICP BSG) announced the launch of ProForMax by Zolatone®, a new line of specialty paints and coatings designed to help architects unlock the potential of every interior space.

Backed by the Zolatone pedigree that professionals have trusted since the 1960s, ProForMax delivers the highest levels of scuff resistance, cleanability and chemical resistance that make it suitable for high-traffic interiors. It does so while offering pattern and textural options, making it suitable for everywhere from the storeroom to the boardroom.

ProForMax is up to 10-times stronger than conventional paint ASTM D2486. It offers the only scuff-resistant and scrub-resistant coatings for commercial interiors. The coatings last longer than conventional paint, maintaining true color and quality throughout their lifetime – even during frequent cleaning and disinfecting.

“We’re excited to launch ProForMax and offer professionals everywhere a highly durable solution to create aesthetically beautiful environments, even in areas with the highest traffic,” said Brian LaGuardia, Vice President of Building Envelope at ICP Building Solutions Group. “ProForMax is ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants — anywhere that requires outstanding, long-lasting durability balanced with eye-catching design.”

ProForMax is available in several textural options that can add an unexpected flair to any space while helping to conceal and resist dings, scratches and scuffs. It can also be regularly cleaned, scrubbed and disinfected without compromising coverage or appearance, creating seamless protection that won’t trap dirt and contaminants while creating modern looks that won’t require frequent repaints or complex repairs.

Additionally, ProForMax coatings are compatible with the Environmental Protection Agency’s List N Disinfectants, making them a practical choice for new cleaning and disinfecting protocols related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Disinfectants on List N have demonstrated efficacy on viruses and bacteria that are harder to kill than SARS-CoV-2.

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