MADISON, WI – In order to better serve customers, Ideal-Pak, PASE Group and DTM Packaging and Custom Automation – all members of the Massman Companies – have combined members of their sales teams to create the Massman Liquid Filling Solutions Sales Team. The goal of the new group is to offer improved sales coverage and sales support for the entire Ideal-Pak/PASE Group and DTM product lines as well as the product lines of Ronchi America. For Ronchi, those markets are Canada and the United States; for the Ideal-Pak/PASE Group and DTM, it is the world.

“With this new configuration of our sales force, the leading liquid packaging machinery brands of Ideal-Pak, PASE Group, DTM Packaging and Ronchi America are now part of the product portfolio of the New Massman Liquid Filling Solutions Sales Team, offering a broad line of world class liquid filling solutions to better serve the needs of our customers throughout all the markets we serve,” said Russell Schlager, VP of Sales and Marketing for the new group.

The Massman Liquid Filling Solutions Sales Team now offers one of the widest selections of packaging machinery for the food, pharmaceutical, paint and coatings, lubricant, chemical, and personal care industries. The combined companies offer filling machine solutions that include net weight, volumetric, walking beam and monobloc technologies. These filling lines are supported with the addition of the capabilities of the other Massman Companies, including, lid placing, capping, closing, labeling, EDL shrink case packaging, Massman Automation case erecting and case packing, palletizing, and custom conveying systems that complete the filling line.

The new Liquid Filling Solutions group will also continue the sales relationship Ideal-Pak has had with Ronchi America for the last few years. Except for Ronchi America house accounts, expanded coverage will now include the rest of the United States and Canada. The addition of Ronchi products to The Massman Filling Group’s sales team portfolio means it can now offer customers one of the most comprehensive filling and packaging line offerings in the industry.