COLOGNE, Germany – I-care and specialty chemicals manufacturer LANXESS, Cologne, Germany, have reached a new collaboration deal. As a service provider specializing in predictive maintenance and reliability, I-care supports LANXESS with the local rollout of its corporate maintenance strategy.

In this endeavor, plant integrity, reliability and cost efficiency were of paramount importance. “I-care’s approach fits in perfectly with the requirements we have for modern maintenance management systems,” said LANXESS employees Richard Schrayßhuen, Procurement Manager, and Andreas Kemnitz, Head of Central Maintenance.

Thanks to I-care’s “think global, act local” approach, LANXESS’ corporate-driven rollout will get a solid local footprint. “On the basis of global plans, we always aim to draw up guidelines with as much local relevance as possible,” said I-care’s Manuel Geier, Customer Care Manager.

“Take, for example, criticality or turnaround management. Only by identifying and analyzing processes at the local level can you implement pragmatic improvements. Fortunately, this way of working dovetails nicely with LANXESS’ asset management concept, making us extremely keen to enter into this alliance.”