OLDENBURG, Germany – Chembid, a market intelligence platform and search engine for the chemical industry, has published the second issue of the chembid Marketplaces Report. Using standardized criteria, more than 60 digital marketplaces from all over the world are compared. In addition to company information, the reader will learn more about the range of chemicals offered, the functions and the services of each platform. The report includes both marketplaces specialized in chemicals and generalist platforms with a broader product portfolio. A comparison of current data with the previous year's figures also provides a quick overview of the development of the various marketplaces.

"We know how time-consuming it is to search for information and process-relevant data. That is why we launched the chembid Marketplaces Report one year ago as an orientation guide for the purchase and sale of chemicals. The response was very positive. Due to the constantly changing markets and services, we decided to publish a second issue of the report," said Wiebke Mikolajczyk, Head of Marketing at chembid.

The chembid platform aims to provide its users with relevant information and insights into the chemicals market in addition to the search engine. Reports such as the Marketplaces Report are also part of chembid's services, as well as providing industry data and market insights automatically via the chembid Dashboard. Every day, millions of data records are analyzed by chembid and made accessible via the intelligent dashboard. This enables users to keep a constant eye on the chemical markets and to monitor developments of the current demand for chemicals and price changes. Thus, using the chembid Dashboard allows making better and faster business decisions based on exclusive market data.

Learn more at www.chembid.com/marketplaces-report.