ULSAN, South Korea – Over the past year, SONGWON Industrial Group, a manufacturer of polymer stabilizers, has continued to strengthen its commitment to the coatings industry in China. In order to better serve customers, SONGWON has steadily built up an extensive network of experienced distributors throughout China to expand and promote its offering to the region’s coatings market.

Having such a strong network of distributors supported by the local SONGWON China branch office has positioned SONGWON to help customers find new and more innovative solutions for meeting their coating challenges. SONGWON has also developed and launched various special products in 2020 that address the demands of the local market in China, and in the past 12 months, the company has been supporting customers to develop new coating formulations.

“This year for example, we successfully launched our SONGSORB® CS WB range for high-performance, durable, low-VOC water-based coatings. The new products have been tested by many customers and compared to other existing solutions with extremely positive outcomes,” said Steven Hu, Sales Manager, SONGWON China Specialty Chemicals.

In 2020, SONGWON’s offering for the coatings market’s high-end applications was expanded with the introduction of new products to its triazines range, which were developed to meet the increasing need for long-lasting, high-performance additive solutions. SONGWON reports that it has already received positive feedback from customers who have started testing the products.

With its already existing comprehensive range of innovative solutions for non-traditional applications, SONGWON has also successfully established itself with both resin producers and end formulators in the Chinese market in application areas such as powder coatings. Looking ahead to early 2021, SONGWON plans to launch new powder coatings products to the local market that are designed to improve formulation stability at high temperatures or in more demanding conditions.