ROCHESTER, MI — Michigan-based Prefix Corp. has added over 30,000 square feet of production space to its existing facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan, expanding production capacity of its paint and finishing operations. In addition to the expanded footprint, Prefix has also invested in new equipment and technologies to enhance quality and color consistency.

“We’ve been very fortunate to attract and work with clients who have very specific high-end paint and finishing requirements for specialty performance supercars and ultra luxury vehicles,” said Prefix President, Eric Zeile. “The design of this facility lends itself perfectly for these types of low-volume paint production and assembly programs.”

In business for over 40 years, Prefix helps create concept vehicles and prototypes and assists new EV companies with the development of emerging automotive and aerospace innovations.

The Prefix paint operation started back in 2013 when the company was awarded the vehicle paint program for the Dodge Viper. The paint finish of the Viper was done by hand. No automation was used, and owners could order their car in any color. This unique low-volume program led to Prefix handling high-end paint finishes for additional supercars, ultra luxury vehicles and other paint programs.

“All indications are this will continue to be a growing part of our company,” continued Zeile. “We are currently on a nationwide search for additional team members who are skilled at or interested in developing high-end paint and finishing techniques. We now have four facilities with many opportunities for growth within the organization, which is very attractive to those looking for a unique and rewarding career.”