PARIS-LA DÉFENSE, France – Specialty chemicals distributor Safic-Alcan announced a partnership with Arkema for the distribution of its SILIPORITE® range of molecular sieves. Arkema and Safic-Alcan have confirmed their intention to negotiate and finalize a distribution agreement covering UK and Ireland, Nordics, Russia, Greece, and Southeast Asia. The companies indicated that further countries might also be added to the scope in the second quarter of 2021.

The agreement includes the SILIPORITE trademark, which provides engineering polyurethane excellence for a range of applications, acting by removing residual moisture often present in polyol, solvents or fillers to prevent water from reacting with isocyanate groups.

“We are very pleased with the extension of our partnership with Arkema molecular sieve for polyurethane applications and beyond, reinforcing a successful focus in our polyurethane capabilities,” said Yann Lissillour, Managing Director CASE and Industrial Specialties, for Safic-Alcan Group.

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