DAYTONA BEACH, FL — Adsil Inc. announced its new HVAC/R coating has surpassed 10,000 hours in ASTM B117 testing. MicroGuard1® 3500 (MG1-3500) was released in May 2020. Years of research and development went into improving the well-known product it replaced, MicroGuard® AD35. The company reports that the new MG1-3500 has improved performance including surpassing 10,000 hours in the ASTM B117 Salt Fog test. Test samples still remain in the chamber.

According to Adsil, MG1-3500 protects beyond salt corrosion. EIS testing proves superior protection against other corrosives (chemical, UV, pollution). Its advanced low-VOC chemistry also reportedly provides benefits not seen in other coatings. Features of the inorganic formulation include: anti-fungal properties (ASTM G21 Rated 0), 9H Pencil Hardness, 5-B Adhesion, 6–8-micron DFT, 180-degree flexibility, and sustainability (lowers maintenance and life-cycle costs, extends service life of equipment). It can be installed in the field or at a coating center.

According to Gordon Miller, Adsil’s General Manager, “The performance of MG1-3500 is far superior to the well-known product it replaced, AD35. Beyond its features and benefits for the customer, the installer benefits from this new product as it no longer requires mixing or dwell time and has a 7-day pot life. Based on independent and in-house testing, we believe this coating to be the premier HVAC/R corrosion coating on the market today.”

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