Adsil Inc. announced its new HVAC/R coating, MicroGuard1® 3500 (MG1-3500) HVAC/Metals Coating, has surpassed 18,100 hours in ASTM B117 testing with no salt corrosion evident. Adsil reports that this result is an industry best. 

MG1-3500 protects well beyond salt corrosion. EIS testing proves superior protection against other corrosives (chemical, UV and pollution). Its advanced no-mix, low-VOC chemistry also provides benefits not seen in other coatings. Inorganic formulation, anti-fungal properties (ASTM G21 rated 0), sustainability (lowers maintenance and life-cycle costs and extends service life of equipment), 9H Pencil Hardness, 5-B Adhesion, 6–8-micron DFT, 180-degree flexibility, and can be installed in the field or at a coating center.

According to Gordon Miller, Adsil’s General Manager, “The performance of MG1-3500 HVAC/Metals Coating is far superior to the well-known product it replaced, AD35. MG1-3500 has surpassed all competitors in ASTM B117 test hours, is inorganic and provides exceptional protection and sustainability with a single, thin application. Beyond its features and benefits for the customer, the installer benefits from this new product as it no longer requires mixing or dwell time and has a seven-day pot life, saving time and labor costs. Based on independent and in-house testing, we believe this coating to be the premier HVAC/R corrosion coating on the market today. Call us to find out more!”

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