LAS VEGAS — Cobot Nation, a global seller of collaborative robots (cobots), recently announced the release of a publicly available collaborative robot return on investment (ROI) calculator. As a thought leader in manufacturing automation, Cobot Nation has created a mechanism to allow manufacturers to have a transparent experience when searching for collaborative robots, accessories, installation options, service and support plans, training, and custom engineering solutions.

Cobot Nation states that its mission is to democratize manufacturing and lead the charge toward “hands-free manufacturing,” which is the ability to run a manufacturing cell with few to no humans and automate repetitive human processes. The launch of the ROI calculator marks a step toward achieving this goal. “We are proud to bring manufacturing an easier way for end-users to calculate their return on investment in months amongst other metrics,” says Cobot Nation CEO Gil Mayron. Cobot Nation believes in allowing manufacturers the opportunity to consider all their options when exploring automated manufacturing. The company reports that using the ROI calculator will allow manufacturers to see pricing for both Cobot Nation and its competitors, compare their ROIs, and compose an order.

Cobot Nation recently partnered with Kenmar Securities LLC and is working to raise a combined total of $15 million in company Series A equity and convertible notes.

Introducing cobots to manufacturing helps decrease errors, master throughput, and automate with or without humans, according to the company. Cobot Nation designed the ROI calculator to optimize the entire experience of transitioning to automated, hand-free manufacturing. The company plans to build upon this application with the long-term goal of incorporating more metrics into the ROI calculator as it increases its product and service offerings.

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