BETOCIN WB from CIN is a new high-quality, water-based acrylic varnish for protection and decoration of concrete. It is designed for protection and decoration of porous concrete surfaces, cement mortars, stone and brick masonry. CIN reports that the new concrete varnish was tested according to the EN 1504-2:2004 standard and achieved a CE marking as an “Acrylic varnish for the protection against ingress, humidity control and increasing resistivity.”

Formulated exclusively with inorganic colourants and with a low CO2 permeability, the water-based acrylic varnish is reported to have a robust exterior performance. BETOCIN WB highlights the texture of the surface where it is applied resulting in beautiful decorative effects and excellent protection against water ingress (low water permeability) while still allowing the surface to breathe (high water vapor permeability).

According to CIN, BETOCIN WB has a very limited contribution to fire rating (B-s1,d0; EN 13501-1) and the highest classification (A+) in indoor air quality according to French regulation.

The concrete varnish is available in a semi-matte finish in a 10-color palette and also as a transparent coating for a more natural finish.