EVANSVILLE, IN – Red Spot Paint and Varnish Co. Inc. was recently presented with the 2013 Chrysler Group Supplier of the Year Award for Innovation at the annual Supplier Strategy Meeting held in Auburn Hills, MI.

The award, given by Chrysler Group LLC, was a result of collaboration between Red Spot Paint and Varnish Co. and JVIS/Seungbo to create a new technology and process that replaces chrome plating or metallic metal parts. The new technology consists of multiple, colored chrome interior trim parts using physical vapor deposition.

Red Spot’s contributions included two specialized, high-performance coatings developed for this specific application: a base coat applied to the molded plastic part prior to the metallization process and a tinted clearcoat applied to the surface after the metallization process. The basecoat fills any imperfections in the molded plastic part’s surface, leaving a flat, even surface to optimize the metallization. The topcoat supplies all the environmental and chemical resistance properties, as well as scratch/mar resistance and cleanability.

Chrysler chose this technology/process for the interior trim on the new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.