MIAMI – FAMIS announced new distributor agreements with S.E.F. Italia and Menphis S.P.A. for technology serving the metallic surface finishing industry. As agents of S.E.F. Italia, FAMIS will be offering the design and installation services for sublimation plants and powder coating plants in the Northern Hemisphere, which includes the United States, Canada, South, and Central America.

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, S.E.F. is considered a pioneer in the field of sublimation printing, providing the equipment and technology for small, medium and large companies. Its core product offerings include design and installation for sublimation plants, powder and liquid coating plants, coil coating plants, and ultrasonic cleaning plants.

"Considering their product offerings, experience, and expertise, it was only natural for us to partner with S.E.F. as they reflect the same values we've exemplified over the past 50 years in business," said Ricardo Miyares, one of the partners and C.E.O. of FAMIS Inc. Miyares added, "We've seen the enormous potential and benefits of their sublimation technology and believe it compliments so much of what we're already offering our customers."

The S.E.F. leadership team commented, "We are excited about the opportunities this cooperation undoubtedly offers. Over the past three decades, metal surface technology has proven — and is still proving — to stay one step ahead when it comes to the industry's challenges. Metal, be it coated, painted, sublimated, extruded, rolled, is intrinsically ecological, economically sustainable and adequately flexible to satisfy every need." S.E.F. Italia is confident that this collaboration will make tailor-made products available in the United States according to required needs. Thanks to the qualified and motivated team at FAMIS, S.E.F is confident its products and technology will be represented in the best way.

FAMIS and Menphis S.P.A. have entered a joint initiative to supply the entire Southeastern part of the United States with Menphis’ transfer technology for the metallic surface finishing industry. Headquartered in Italy and founded by the inventor of transfer technology, Gilberto Menin, Menphis’ products are transfer films and powders used for a range of surface applications. Known for optical effects and tactile finishes, Menphis transfer films and powders are a combination between technological development and creativity.

“For more than fifty years, we’ve provided the latest and greatest in technology and functionality for all our finishing and coating clients. For this reason, we saw Menphis’ films and powders as the perfect complement to our existing product offerings,” said Ricardo Miyares, one of the partners and C.E.O. of FAMIS Inc. Miyares further added, “Menphis’ transfer films and powder technology, paired with our sublimation equipment, from S.E.F., is the perfect combination for our metallic finishing customers seeking to provide a 3D effect finish for their clients. The possibilities are endless.”

Menphis C.E.O. Marco Menin added, “We are convinced sublimation technology is a game-changer for the current aluminum industry, not only in the U.S. but worldwide. For the past fifty years, sublimation technology has proven to be highly productive, economically sustainable, and environmentally friendly. The market demands we deliver quick and accurate services in terms of quality, and Menphis is optimistic that working with FAMIS is the best way to provide this.”

FAMIS, headquartered in Miami, Florida, currently employs over 30 employees and is active in the industrial coatings and chemical industry in the Southeast United States with the distribution of major national brands throughout seven states, including Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and the Caribbean.