GELEEN, The Netherlands – In order to leverage its solvents business segment, Braskem is collaborating with NXTLEVVEL Biochem for studies on marketing solutions made from renewable raw materials. The agreement began in January and will be concluded in nine months.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, NXTLEVVEL is a joint venture company bringing together the industrial expertise of Towell Engineering Group with advanced proprietary technology developed by GFBiochemicals. The company has experience in high-performance solutions in sustainable chemistry that, combined with Braskem's efforts and dedication in developing chemical products, will be the starting point for further expanding Braskem's solvents portfolio for Latin America.

Fabio Barbosa, Director of the Solvents business at Braskem, explained that the partnership encompasses solutions for segments such as paint and coatings, agrochemicals, homecare, personal care, and industrial and institutional cleaning. "Our goal is to join forces to advance our strategy to diversify our feedstock profile and build a more sustainable world, while expanding our presence in the market," he said.

"NXTLEVVEL and Braskem are collaborating to identify markets for derivatives of levulinic acid by leveraging the strength of our technology along with Braskem's market leading position in solvents," said Aris de Rijke, CEO of NXTLEVVEL Biochem. "NXTLEVVEL's technology is highly innovative, proprietary and, for the first time, allows production of levulinate derivatives at industrial scale. The cornerstone is the patented biomass-derived levulinic acid technology and its esters, that enables the affordable production of bio-based solvents and other bio-based chemicals," noted de Rijke.

In addition to seeking to be the representative in Latin America for NXTLEVVEL's products, Braskem remains committed to developing proprietary renewable solvents. The solvents market in Latin America reportedly registers annual sales of 1.5 million tons, with approximately 55% of this volume sold in Brazil, where Braskem already holds a 25 % market share.