BioCorr®HP is a new generation of BioCorr, Cortec's water-based and bio-based rust preventative containing 54% USDA certified bio-based content. It is designed to preserve metals in storage and during transportation. The ready-to-use product is reported to have excellent emulsion stability, contain no chemicals that interfere with automatic transmission fluids, provide multi-metal protection, and is an environmentally sound alternative to petroleum-derived products due to its bio-based content. It protects for up to two years of indoor storage or during shipments when combined with VpCI® packaging materials. The product uses a unique UV-marker technology for easier identification on the metal surface. BioCorr HP rust preventative is a USDA Certified Biobased Product. It can be used for storage and shipment of metal parts such as automotive components (specifically designed for use with transmissions), pipes, flanges and gears as well as sheets, coils, and castings.

The cost-effective rust preventative displaces water and oil from metal surfaces. It is odor free and forms an invisible dry-to-touch film helping to create a clean workplace and prevents material waste. The product streamlines processes by not requiring removal in most cases.

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