VpCI®-330 from Cortec® is easy to spray onto metal parts using a handheld trigger spray bottle or common spray equipment. The product leaves a light protective film that is detectable but does not alter the appearance of the metal surface. This is ideal for further processing and/or shipment where subsequent rust preventative removal is not feasible or desirable.

VpCI-330 is clear, ready-to-use, has low-viscosity, and is designed for protection of metals in indoor and outdoor sheltered conditions. It performs effectively even under the adverse conditions of 100% relative humidity and in the presence of corrosive species such as chlorides. It protected for over 800 hours in humidity chamber testing and received a 1a rating in copper strip testing. VpCI-330 provides universal corrosion protection to ferrous metals and is compatible with yellow metals.

There are many possible applications where VpCI-330 can be used as an all-purpose rust preventative. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following: gears, spindles, coils, hinges, flanges, and nuts and bolts.

One reason VpCI-330 is so easy to apply is that it remains clear and homogeneous from at least 40-140 °F (4-60 °C). It is non-flammable and does not contain chromates, nitrites, phosphates, secondary amines, or OSHA hazardous components.

Learn more at https://www.cortecvci.com/Publications/PDS/VpCI-330.pdf.