LYNGBY, Denmark — Coatings manufacturer Hempel has acquired a unique technology developed by Das Lack Enertherm (DLE). Combined with its own internal expertise, the technology will enable Hempel to develop and launch coatings products with insulating properties within the next year. The company reports that the new technology will change the market for insulation coatings while enhancing worker safety and lowering customers' environmental footprint.

The acquisition is part of Hempel’s new strategy that aims to see the company double its revenue to €3 billion by 2025 and create leadership positions in the energy segment. Hempel reports that the strategy will be realized through acquisitions and organic growth, as well as ambitious investments in sustainability, innovation and digitalization. With this acquisition, Hempel is taking the next step and executing on its strategy to secure a global leadership position within the energy segment.

“With this technology acquisition, we are now able to penetrate the insulation coatings market and bring new business opportunities to Hempel. This is an important next step to support our journey towards segment leadership within Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), High Heat and Insulation, as well as our Double Impact strategy,” said Martin Wiese, Head of Protective and Industrial Business.

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