WAALWIJK, The Netherlands — IGM Resins recently announced a price increase for its photoinitiator portfolio. Due to the increased costs for key raw materials and transportation, the company is increasing the price of its Omnirad™, Esacure™ and Omnipol™ photoinitiator portfolio. The increases will be effective July 1, 2021, or as contracts allow and will be in the range of 10-50% depending on product and region.

The company reports that supply shortages and price increases for several key raw materials, such as bromide, IBA and benzoic acid, are driven by factors such as output limitations and feedstock cost increases, new Chinese environmental regulations, and the Texas winter disruption in the United States.

As global market leader, IGM reports that it is committed to the UV industry and providing reliable supplies to its customers. IGM’s dedicated sales and technical service teams are available for questions or concerns.