MOUNT PROSPECT, IL – Atlas recently announced the expansion of its German commercial weathering testing laboratory to provide even faster solar simulation testing. Part of the Atlas Weathering Services Group, the Linsengericht-Altenhasslau, Germany-based facility is reportedly the largest weathering testing laboratory in the world with an ISO 17025 accreditation.

International customers now have the ability to significantly expedite research, development and quality control of materials and products for automotive, electronics, aerospace and military applications – even on short notice. It provides global clients in automotive, paints and coatings, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and furniture access to Atlas' technical expertise and is equipped with nearly 50 weathering test instruments, including xenon test instruments, solar simulation test chambers, and fluorescent UV and UVC devices. The LA Laboratory can meet most accelerated test methods from corporate, national and international standards organizations.

With the addition of the SunEvent® 600 from Atlas partner Weisstechnik to its Atlas® SC340 and SC1000 climatic testing chambers, Atlas delivers greater access to best-in-class solar testing instruments for accelerated simulation of the effects of sunlight, temperature and humidity – including those found in extreme climate zones.

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