BURGDORF, Switzerland — SANITIZED AG recently announced that Michael Lüthi became the CEO of the SANITIZED company group on Aug. 1, 2021. He replaced Urs Stalder, who joined the administrative board after working for SANITIZED for over 30 years. Lüthi is a member of the founding family of SANITIZED AG.

Stalder consistently promoted the company’s brand, managed to internationalize the company — establishing subsidiaries in the United States, China and India — and focused on innovative products. The Swiss Innovation Award that the company won under his leadership is a testament to these accomplishments.

Lüthi has been working for SANITIZED since 2018. He previously worked as COO of Senevita, a company that at the time had roughly 30 residences, and he supervised residential complexes for seniors with roughly 2,500 employees. Over the past three years, Lüthi has worked as a member of SANITZED’s management team and helped to shape the course of the company.

“We will continue to combine tradition and innovation: SANITIZED is a fourth-generation Swiss family company, and we will continue to expand our leadership position in the world with our safe and innovative products and services for the textile, polymer, and paint industries,” said Lüthi. American company Consolidated Pathways was recently acquired with this objective in mind. SANITIZED now has a presence with its own subsidiaries in the United States, China, the European Union and India.

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