ST. CHARLES, IL — TIGER Drylac announced two new color additions to its Metallics product line. TIGER Drylac Flip-Flop Metallics change colors in different lighting conditions and at different angles. This technology provides brilliant sparking metallic effects in weather-resistant, super-durable powder coating. They are formulated in TIGER Drylac Series 58 chemistry for a long-lasting color shift effect.

Key features of Flip-Flop Metallics are:

  • Two metallic colors (Sunrise Black and Tropical Red);
  • High brilliance and bright color-changing effects;
  • Coatings look best on curvaceous surfaces, exposed to sunlight;
  • For best effects, spray over black, but works with any base color;
  • Use glossy or matte Clear topcoat;
  • Excellent batch-to-batch consistency;
  • Smooth application (little to no rework required); and
  • Smooth texture.

Flip-Flop products have several color changing aspects, but photography tends to capture only a few of them. Flip-Flop Metallic products are now in stock at TIGER Drylac USA and may be ordered by any TIGER location across North America. For more information, call 800/243.8148 or e-mail

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