The Electrocoat Association continues its Finisher’s Guide to Electrocoat webinar series with “Pretreatment Basics.” On Nov. 9, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. EST, David George of Henkel and Suresh Patel of BASF/Chemetall will discuss the process of pretreatment and then dive into more detail in each area. They will discuss the cleaning, conversion coating, surface conditioning, post-treatment and rinsing stages of pretreatment, and much more. Additionally, the speakers will touch on pretreatment equipment, design considerations, heating, cost savings and bath life extension features to ensure attendees are operating at the greatest efficiency.

Suresh Patel has made numerous presentations to trade organizations and companies, including Powder Coating, Fabtech, SFM-MX and ECOAT shows. During his 27 years of service at Chemetall, he has been involved with large corporations like Caterpillar, John Deere, CNH, GE and Cummins related to their approvals and processes.

In his 33 years with Henkel, David George has held various positions within The Automotive Technical Services Group including, Director, Global Technical Sales Manager and Head of Henkel’s Automotive Training Program. Throughout his career, he has given numerous presentations to trade organizations including Fabtech, CCAI and The Electrocoat Association. George currently provides technical expertise and support for automotive OEMs’ conversion coating processes, focusing on innovations in metal pretreatment technology.

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