LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL – The Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI) Finishing Academy is offering two online courses this fall, Powder Coating and Liquid Coating, each set to begin on Oct. 4, 2021.

The Finishing Academy opened this summer with the Powder Coating online course. “We filled the first class very quickly,” said CCAI Executive Director Anne Goyer. “Students found the course to be very valuable and we are excited to add the Liquid Coating course to our fall course offerings.”   

In addition to the online format, attendees gain critical knowledge to help manage their finishing operations with these in-depth courses. Students benefit from weekly assignments, quizzes and interactive forum discussions with the instructor and other students. The registration fee for each course includes a copy of one of CCAI’s training manuals that accompany the subject matter.

The Powder Coating course addresses all aspects of the powder coating process, including formulation, manufacturing of powder coatings, powder coating materials, material handling, surface preparation, powder application equipment and systems, curing technology, quality, maintenance, troubleshooting, and overall costs for operating a powder coating line. A former student of the course commented, “This course has been very eye-opening to everything that goes into running an efficient powder coating operation. It’s more than just spraying powder on parts and getting parts out the door. It’s about understanding the process from start to finish, what can hamper or enhance the process and understanding what impact your decisions have on the products you deliver.”

For a complete description of the Powder Coating course topics, recommended qualifications to take the course, and to register visit  

The new Liquid Coating course addresses all aspects of the liquid coating process including material handling, hanging methods, surface preparation and curing. Students will learn about the benefits and various types of liquid coatings, including formulating and testing. The course will also cover the operational costing of a liquid coating system, health and safety, and maintenance and troubleshooting of liquid coating equipment. For a complete description of the Liquid Coating course topics, recommended qualifications to take the course and to register visit  

Both courses will include weekly quizzes and a final exam administered and graded by industry expert and finishing consultant Rich Saddler (Industrial Finishing Solutions LLC). Saddler has more than 35 years of experience in the industrial finishing industry with an in-depth knowledge of finishing processes. Saddler was instrumental in the development of these courses.

The CCAI Finishing Academy will be launching additional online courses in Pretreatment and System Design in 2022. Students may only take one course at a time. Courses offered will rotate throughout the year.

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