LONG BEACH, CA – Building on its successful mentorship efforts with Cal Poly Pomona and the University of California, Irvine, Ship & Shore Environmental Inc. (S&SE) recently announced the completion of its 2021 summer internship program with Sage Hill High School. This collaboration is an extension of the company’s annual Engineering Mentorship Program catered for students with environmental and similar STEM-related interests that originally kicked off in February 2019.

Several students from the high school were selected for summer internships across a range of learning-intensive tasks, from research to administration, including:

  • Social media marketing, which entailed finding relevant industry-related articles and writing summaries for daily publication on S&SE social media accounts;
  • Data mining, which required updating S&SE’s database and performing industry research; and
  • Chemical engineering, which involved detailed capture and documentation of chemical compounds found throughout the pollution abatement industry.

One intern in particular, has participated in the company’s Engineering Mentorship Program since its start and spent the summer developing a redefined and more cost-effective design of the Ship & Shore Korozon misting system alongside Ship & Shore’s VP of Engineering. The mentee is now a senior at Sage Hill High School.

“The new working prototype for the Korozon Misting Sterilizer system is designed to eliminate both surface-attached and airborne microbes through the use of aqueous and gaseous ozone production,” said the student. Utilizing the company’s antimicrobial activated oxygen technology, the student engineered a working prototype of the system and tested its efficacy at two outside labs. So far, all results have been positive, and S&SE intends to take the finalized version to market under the Korozon brand.

Upon completion of the internship program, S&SE asked students to write reflections on their experience.

“Coming into the summer, I had no real work experience,” wrote one Sage Hill sophomore. “Working with Ship & Shore gave me a strong foundation and better understanding of what it is like to work within a company, which will surely help me in the future. My task helped me become more knowledgeable on the state of the environment and the changes that need to be made to create a more sustainable economy and future of living. I would like to think my involvement in such an organization also made me more environmentally conscious in my day to day lifestyle.”

Another intern commented, “One of the most important skills I have learned from this internship is the ability to quickly sift through data and organize it in an accessible manner. Organizing data is always important to any scientific field, and it will serve me well having more experience in organization and data processing. One of the interesting things that I learned is just how many chemical compounds are considered harmful for the environment. It goes to show how many emissions we, as a species, have to watch out for so we do not harm the environment.”

S&SE CEO Anoosheh Oskouian has long been outspoken about her desire to assist in educating today’s youth on STEM careers, environmental conditions, and overall best practices. This takes the form of speaking engagements, tours of the S&SE fabrication facility, engineering lectures held at S&SE, and much more. S&SE’s leadership continuously emphasizes integrity in the workforce, helping the global community, and bringing creativity to solving large problems.

“We’re very pleased and proud of our 2021 interns,” said Oskouian. “These students could be the backbone of tomorrow’s environmental efforts and greatest inventions. We owe it to the industry and the world to put as much work and love as possible into helping them grow into their future roles, and we can’t wait to see what the Engineering Internship Program will bring about in 2022.”

Learn more about S&SE at https://shipandshore.com.