FRANKFURT, Germany — Resins and additives supplier allnex recently announced the launch of its latest ECOWISE CHOICE portfolio of environmentally friendly products for building and decorative applications. With its new product portfolio, allnex is contributing to sustainable buildings around the world with environmentally friendly technologies such as waterborne, UV-curable, powder and formaldehyde-free crosslinking solutions.

The company supports customers in fulfilling the requirements of building certifications such as LEED and BREEAM and the underlying eco labels including UL GREENGUARD and Nordic Swan. Increased interest in the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and resins, containing safer components, renewable or recycled content, are the main criterion for ECOWISE CHOICE.

The product range offers green solutions for broad walls, metal facades, architectural extrusions, trim, joinery and flooring. The range includes low- and zero-VOC products that offer improved weatherability and better aesthetic appeal at low temperature cure and in fast drying coatings. The portfolio is a premium offering based on the principles of sustainability and performance.

“The ECOWISE CHOICE product portfolio is a most important part of our sustainable portfolio management. With the ECOWISE CHOICE product range for Industrial Wood, launched in 2020, and the range for Buildings and Decorative applications we are moving quickly forward and will continue to expand the portfolio in the coming months. Let’s be ECOWISE together,” said Tejaswini Vaidya, Marketing Manager LRA.

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