COLUMBUS, OH — Hexion Holdings Corp. recently announced its plan to separate into two independent companies. The two companies will be Hexion Holdings, composed of the company’s Adhesives and Versatic Acids™ and Derivatives product lines, and Hexion Coatings and Composites (US) Inc. (HCC), composed of Hexion Holdings’ former epoxy-based Coatings and Composites products. HCC will be renamed at a later date.

Hexion Holdings anticipates that the HCC separation transaction will be in the form of a distribution of 100% of the stock of HCC, a new and independent company to current holders of Hexion Holdings common stock and warrants. Upon completion of the HCC spin-off, current Hexion Holdings shareholders will own shares of both Hexion Holdings and HCC.

“Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Hexion's 122-year history, and continues our strategy of narrowing our focus, improving the Company’s financial flexibility and driving long-term value creation for our shareholders,” said Craig Rogerson, Hexion Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “With our recent strong performance, and after a comprehensive evaluation of strategic actions aimed at unlocking the value of our businesses, our Board and management team have determined that now is the right time to pursue a separation through an IPO and spinoff. The transaction will provide each company with significant liquidity, a sharper strategic focus and appropriately capitalized balance sheets while we continue to serve our customers’ needs. It is a testament to our people and our focus on operational execution that we have reached this successful milestone where our businesses are ideally positioned to be two strong standalone companies.”

The company believes that this separation will result in material benefits to the standalone companies, including:

  • Distinct strategic and management focus on specific operational, R&D and growth priorities, including the analysis of macroeconomic trends and the implementation of financial targets that best fit each business;
  • A capital structure, dividend policy and capital deployment strategy tailored to specific business models and growth strategies. Both businesses are expected to have direct access to the debt and equity capital markets to fund their respective growth strategies; and
  • An investor base that is aligned with the streamlined value proposition for each company.

Following the separation, Hexion Holdings will consist of the company’s existing Adhesives and Versatic Acids and Derivatives product lines. Hexion Holdings will continue to build on its momentum, driven primarily by strong new residential construction and remodeling demand in North America, continued capacity expansion progress and gains from innovative new products, as well as the need for more sustainable building and coatings materials. As a standalone company, Hexion Holdings is expected to have favorable cash flow attributes and a stronger financial profile.

HCC will consist of Hexion Holdings’ former base and specialty epoxy resins product lines. HCC will remain a leading global supplier of epoxy resins and systems. As a standalone company, HCC will have greater ability to grow and expand its position in attractive global markets. Importantly, HCC is also focused on addressing customers’ demands for more environmentally preferred solutions, and providing innovative solutions for the wind energy and automotive industries.

With its senior management team based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, HCC expects to maintain a significant global presence. Stafford, Texas, will serve as its primary U.S. office, and HCC will also maintain an executive office in Shanghai, China. In addition, HCC will continue to operate world-scale epoxy plants in Pernis and Deer Park, Texas, as well as additional manufacturing operations in the United States, Germany, Spain and South Korea.

Craig Rogerson will continue to lead Hexion Holdings as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. George Knight will continue in his role at Hexion Holdings as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Ann Frederix, currently Senior Vice President, Coatings & Composites, Hexion Holdings, is expected to serve as Chief Executive Officer of HCC. Joost Vierhout, currently Senior Finance Director, Global Epoxy and Versatics, Hexion Holdings, is expected to serve as Chief Financial Officer of HCC.

Hexion Holdings and HCC are expected to enter into a shared services Agreement, which will provide for Hexion Holdings to provide to HCC, on a transitional basis, certain services or functions that the companies historically have shared, and one or more commercial agreements relating to the ownership, management, maintenance, support and use of certain shared operations services by Hexion Holdings to HCC.

The HCC separation transaction is currently targeted for completion in the fourth quarter 2021, subject to final approval by the board of directors, customary regulatory approvals, and tax and legal considerations.

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